Advantages of Hiring a Property Management Company

At Keys to the Lake, we understand the value you place on having a good relationship with your property management company.  We listen to our clients, and know that familiarity with your circumstances, lease property criteria and future real estate goals are critical to helping you achieve the Lake lifestyle you desire. We primarily focus on upscale homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial development, but we also enjoy matching all property types to a myriad of desired lifestyles and budgets. Here are a few reasons you should hire a trusted property management company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

We Look Out For Your Property

Whether you are a part of our long-term residential rental properties or you have a vacation rental with us, we can look out for your residence. It can take a lot of time for you to be your own landlord, as well as it can create plenty of headaches. It can also be like a full-time job to track rent properties, collect late fees, deal with complaints and repairs, prep the property for new tenants and more. Let the experts handle these situations and you can relax and make better use of your hours.

We Know the Law

There are many laws that apply to being a landlord, and trying to wade through the piles of paperwork and red tape can be exhausting, especially when you don't do it very often. We have a full understanding of all of the state and federal laws. When it comes to screening potential tenants, eviction, or rent collection, we know how to handle every situation professionally. While you can learn how to handle these situations, laws are changing constantly. We approach these on a daily basis, and when laws change, we're on top of it and apply them immediately.

We Offer Better Tenant Screening and More Potential Renters

Because we specialize in Lake of the Ozarks property management on a regular basis, we have a tried and true system for approaching this. We have also had over 40 years of experience in hospitality and real estate, and a solid client basis. Trying to find renters on your own can be daunting, but we can help not only find renters but good ones.

We Provide a Buffer Between Owners and Tenants

If awkward situations should arise between you and the tenants of your Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental, we can act as a middle man or interpreter in these cases. This allows you to keep a professional distance between you and your tenants, and not have to get overly involved if you don't want to. Getting too personally involved with your tenants can result in being too lenient on certain issues, or too defensive about some complaints. We can help approach these situations without being emotionally involved and help you to come out on top.

Best Property Management Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our team is prepared to help you manage your property effectively and efficiently. Aside from property management, we offer real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. We give our clients the peace of mind that things will be done right the first time and on time. When every little thing means everything, Keys to the Lake Lodging Company, LLC stands preeminent in exceptional service and attention to the details that matter most.

"We don't aspire to be the largest company in the region. Rather, we are determined to be the best at what we do!" ~ Mark Krantz, Owner

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