Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Property Management Company

Having a good relationship with your property management company is a very important. At Keys to the Lake, we listen to our clients. We pride ourselves on and are committed to our exceptional service and the quality of your Lake dwelling. We familiarize ourselves with your circumstances, lease property criteria and future real estate goals, which are all critical to helping you achieve the Lake lifestyle you desire. Although we focus on upscale homes, condos, apartments and commercial development, we enjoy matching all property types to a myriad of desired lifestyles and budgets. However, it is important to ask the right question to know you are hiring a trusted property management company at the Lake of the Ozarks to manage your Lake property. Here are a few questions you should ask before hiring a property management company.

Question: How Long Have You Been In Business?

This is an important question to ask, as you want to know you are working with a professional company who has a long proven track record of managing properties. Whether it's a vacation rental or a long-term rental, there's a lot that goes into managing a property, so you want to go with a company that knows what they're doing. 

Question: What Types Of Properties Do You Manage?

Vacation home/condo, long-term rental, apartment or condo building or single family home are all managed differently and have their own set of dilemmas. It is important to hire a company with experience in managing your type of property.

Question: How Many Units Do You Manage?

It's important to know how many units your potential property management company looks after. If they have too many, then they may not have time for yours. On the other hand, if they don't have a lot, they may not have the experience you need. It's important to understand how many units each manager looks after as well. If a company manages 200 units, they may seem like a lot and yours may get lost in the shuffle. However, if they have four managers that look after 50 units each, they could give your units effective, responsive service. 

Question: How Often Are Your Units Rented?

If you have a vacation rental that needs managing, you want to make sure it is rented out often to make you money. While the off-season is a bit slow, you also don't want to have your rental sitting empty during the busy, summer season. While every unit is different, asking how often units are rented, both with vacation and long-term rentals can give you a bit of insight on how often your unit could be rented. 

Question: Do You Preform Regular Property Inspections?

You want to ensure that your property is being taken care of, especially if you do not live in the vicinity. When regular inspections are performed, it is easier to catch issues before they get out of control. In addition to knowing how often they are performed, ask what is included in the inspections. 

When every little thing means everything, Keys to the Lake is the premier choice of discriminating clients. In a crowded world, we know you will find Keys to the Lake is a voice, not an echo. Whether you are needing property management for your vacation or long term rental, we can help. In addition to property management, we also offer real estate, long-term and vacation rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks. We give our clients the peace of mind that things will be done right the first time and on time. 

"We don't aspire to be the largest company in the region. Rather, we are determined to be the best at what we do!" ~ Mark Krantz, Owner

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