Escape Room Comes To Lake Of The Ozarks

From golfing and boating to mini golf and go-karting, the Lake of the Ozarks is filled with fun activities to enjoy while on vacation. There will soon be another great addition to add to this list - Lake Escape! Experience something completely unique to the Lake area with Lake Escape, opening April 6. If you want to add some adventure and excitement into your Lake of the Ozarks vacation, read on to learn more about the newest addition to the Bagnell Dam Strip.

What Is An Escape Room?

An Escape Room is your chance to test your skills at clue-seeking, problem-solving and critical thinking. Every room is different and has its own experience. The point of the Escape Room is to take you out of your element and see if you have what it takes to escape! You cannot rely on just one person, you must work together to create the ultimate escape plan and beat the clock.

Lake Escape is Lake of the Ozarks' first, live action escape room. Each team has 60 minutes to work together to crack the codes, find clues and solve the puzzles to achieve one goal - to escape the room! Join friends, family or co-workers as you work together and channel your inner sleuth.

The Rooms

Each room at Lake Escape is unique and has its own experience. You may be wondering if the rooms are scary. None of the rooms are scary. Each room has a different theme and they are created for a problem-solving experience, not like a haunted house. Lake Escape has three different rooms you and your team can escape from once they open in April.

 Lost at Sea

"Yo ho, mateys … ye’ve been caught taking extra rations of the captain’s favorite rum. There’s no place in a pirate crew for untrustworthy, unsavory, unkempt, thieves … such as ye be. Captain has ordered that the lot of ye be placed in the belly of the ship until we can prepare the plank and give ye all the old heave-ho! Don’t even think about escape! Since the Jolly Roger set sail, nary a knave has been cunning enough to escape the brig and cheat Davy Jones!"

Fire Escape

"What’s that incessant beeping sound? Who turned off the AC? And where’s that smoke … wait … SMOKE? As the alarm chirps and firefighters bang on the door, you find yourselves already behind the ball and almost out of time. The rest of the resort has been evacuated, but you just had to go and spring for the top floor view. The flames are creeping closer and the easy way out is blocked. You’ll have to be resourceful as a group, firefighter and vacationer alike if you want to escape the suite and beat the heat!"

Water Wall

"In 1931, to avoid bad omens, engineers on the Bagnell Dam canceled the installation of a 13th floodgate. Though permanently walled off, rumors have always insisted on the existence of a secret workshop, hidden away by a reclusive member of the original engineering team. For you and your team, today will turn out not to be just another dam tour, but a race against the clock, to save not only yourself but the entire lake. With 60 minutes until the culmination of a zealous plan, will you have what it takes to Escape the Lake?"

About The Owners

Thor, Evan and Drew are the owners of Lake Escape. In addition to running Lake Escape, all three owners also have other full-time jobs. Thor is a paramedic, Evan is a Firefighter and Drew works for Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group. The owners all love escape rooms and they thought it would be a fantastic addition to the Lake. The Strip has many bars and restaurants, but not many family-friendly attractions. All three are happy to bring a family-friendly addition back to The Strip.

Visit the Lake of the Ozarks

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