Almost Thanksgiving!

We hope all is going well with the Thanksgiving Day preperations.  We want to remind everyone to drive safely and that being late is better than not arriving at all!  It looks like tonight and tomorrow are going to be rainy and cool so don't forget the jacket when making a last minute run to the store for that one forgotten ingrediant.

Joke of the day:

There were these two boys who lived with their Grandma. They were about to go to bed but before they slept they prayed. The older son started to pray. He prayed about the day he had and about everything he had done. The younger son then started to pray, he prayed much louder than his elder brother, he prayed for bikes and toys, and when he finished the older brother asked him "Why are you praying so loud? God is not deaf" and the younger son responded and said " Yea but Grandma is"


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