Good morning!

Oh man, was I happy to not find frost on my car this morning!  It never fails when you're running late something gets in your way, but thank you Jesus today was not that day!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Wednesday and tonight there is Dinner Theater at the Camden County Museum at 6 pm if you plan to attend this is what you can plan to enjoy.  Production of "Jewel Theives" by Norman Beim presented at 7pm following the 6pm Dinner.  Reservations Suggested $15 per person.  573-346-7191.

Minister: Do you know what's in the Bible?
Little Girl: Yes. I think I know everything that's in it.
Minister: You do? Tell me.
Little Girl: OK. There's a picture of my brother's girlfriend, a ticket from the dry cleaners, one of my curls, and a Pizza Hut coupon.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!


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